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NEMA7 y 9 A Prueba de Explosión | Valvulas de Diafragma | Neumática y Servicios Industriales S. de R.L. de C.V.

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NEMA7 A Prueba de explosiónNEMA9 A Prueba de explosión

NEMA7 y 9 A Prueba de Explosión
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NEMA7 y 9 A Prueba de Explosión

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Diecast aluminium enclosure with explosion proof (Ex-e) protection suitable for use in hazardous areas, available optionally with anticondensation heater.
The main hazard is the ignition of dust and gas clouds and any accumulated layers of dust on the surface of the equipment. This enclosure eliminates the possibility of arcs, sparks and hot surfaces. The enclosure's internal clearance distances, surface temperatures, impact strength and the protection against the ingress of moisture and solids are carefully controlled through design and manufacture. This protection concept is sometimes referred to as Ex-e, or Dust
Ignition Proof (DIP). Explosion proof enclosures are distinguished from flame proof enclosures by the presence of a flange gasket.

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